StrinGnosis® Online – Well Design Reimagined

StrinGnosis – Well Design Reimagined
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GNOSIS noun. Intuitive Knowledge

StrinGnosis® is a casing and tubing analysis program that reflects the logic and information flow of actual well design, streamlining the whole design process. Interpretation of the analytical results provides complete knowledge of each casing, liner or tubing string – and the well as a whole.

StrinGnosis provides the well design community, for a first time, a means to implement limit state design according to the ISO TR 10400 ductile burst, tension burst and brittle burst limit states for OCTG.

StrinGnosis streamlines the complex, iterative tubular design process through its easy-to-comprehend modular architecture. The resulting look and feel is very natural to an engineer, who can become familiar with it very quickly. Most importantly, the casing design software is both linear and logical.

StrinGnosis is not meant solely for the designer of complex wells. The user interface and functionalities are intuitive, with customizable standard load packages, so that even standard well designs are easy and quick.

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StrinGnosis® is now available on demand. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it. Introducing StrinGnosis® Online: get started within minutes (2 week trial).

StrinGnosis is also still available as a dedicated legacy desktop application for enterprise applications and the remote user who can't guarantee internet connectivity 24/7. Contact us today and we will together explore the options that suit your needs.


We love what we do. We want you to love what you do.

StrinGnosis was designed from the ground up by practicing well engineers. Well engineers and developers have worked closely together throughout the whole development process to ensure that the final product is one that we want, one that our users and clients want, one that the industry needs, and very importantly: one we can be proud of.


Ease-of-use is central to the StrinGnosis philosophy. We want you to spend your time engineering, not learning how to use the software.

StrinGnosis offers the well design community a state-of-the-art tool that is powerful, nimble and easy to use. It enables the engineer to explore design ramifications, and to evaluate alternative well configurations, with both speed and confidence.


We pride ourselves on our industry leading support that is provided by practising well engineers. Live chat is moments away - see the bottom right of your screen. 7 days per week.

Want to learn more? Want to become a StrinGnosis expert at your own pace? Let us guide you: StrinGnosis® Academy is your #1 resource for all things StrinGnosis. Tutorials, calculators, FAQ, news, structured courses and more:

We know Well Design. We know StrinGnosis

Ease-of-use is the cornerstone of the StrinGnosis® architecture. The creators of StrinGnosis have designed the program with a wealth of information and options: wealth enough to please the inquisitive novice or satisfy the prudent designer.

Well design is a multi-step process that begins in conception and ends in specification. A robust design requires parametric sensitivities to variations in well parameters and material properties. In this light, the team at Blade Technology decided that engineers do not have time to re-learn software everytime they want to carry out a well design. Casing Design software should be both intuitive and easy to learn.

From the ground up we have built StrinGnosis as logical and intuitive design tool. We also have expertise in teaching and training, with 10,000+ students taught by the engineers and scientists at Blade Energy Partners through our intensive multi-day classroom courses that combine in-depth technical presentations with hands-on exercises. We wanted to provide the same industry recognised training, but in an online environment, where a student can learn at their own pace.

StrinGnosis.Academy is an interactive online user manual to help engineers get the most out of this advanced tool.

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These are the people who are here to support you on your upcoming StrinGnosis journey


Dr. P.V. Suryanarayana

Chairman of the Board - Blade Energy Partners

Main point of contact for sales in the U.S. President of Blade Technology Corporation.



Shaikh Rahman, P.E.

Chief Developer / Senior Well Design Engineer

Head of development for StrinGnosis. Main point of contact for support in the U.S. Professional Engineer in Texas (PE)



Margaret Robbins

Project Manager / Senior Developer

Project manager for StrinGnosis and StrinGnosis Online development. Turns ideas and dreams into code.



Pete Lumley

Director / Regional Manager Europe

Main point of contact for sales and support outside the U.S. Training videos. Training courses. Drilling Engineer by trade.


Blade Technology Corporation (“BladeTech”), a fully owned subsidiary of Blade Energy Partners, was created as a vehicle to deliver advanced software solutions to the oil and gas industry. The strong history of Blade Energy Partners includes:

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A simple, customizable workflow that makes engineering sense. Eight main tabs. All your options right in front you. No hidden surprises. Further details can be found at StrinGnosis Academy here.

Your Journey. Our guidance.

StrinGnosis® Online is the first advanced engineering software being provided to the industry as a fully managed, subscription based SaaS offering. It is the online version of StrinGnosis®, the powerful desktop well design software developed by Blade Tech. Driven by Amazon's AppStream 2.0 technology StrinGnosis Online instantly and seamlessly provides all the functionalities of the full desktop version, at a fraction of the ownership cost.

The conventional desktop service of advanced software can burden corporate IT, create delays in deployment, and is difficult to scale. In contrast, the fully managed and secure StrinGnosis Online subscription-based streaming service lets customers instantly access, trial, and use the software. The subscription based pricing makes it highly affordable and scalable for all types of users – individual, business or enterprise.

StrinGnosis Online is provided on a subscription basis, with a one-time initiation fee and monthly subscription fee. The application is available in two packages: a Core package specifically built for the general well designer using only Working Stress Design, and an Advanced package that packs several additional features and capabilities for designers faced with complex well design problems.

Several capabilities distinguish StrinGnosis Online from other commercially available tools:
• In addition to standard Working Stress Design, the Advanced package includes Limit State Design (API TR 5C3 limit states including brittle fracture) and Reliability Based Design, the first and only commercial software to do so.
• BSEE mandated Worst Case Discharge simulations are now easy to perform using the included WCD load templates.
• Multi-string analyses including APB and allowable APB analysis, and calculation of Wellhead Movement and Forces.
• Design envelope for anisotropic tubular materials.
• A complete thermal simulator is included in all packages, capable of simulating injection, production and WCD conditions.
• Several standard load cases are included, together with the ability to create and enter customized loads based on any standard load template.
• The proprietary multi-window GUI and the always-on “Side Kick™” make it very easy for the user to perform the many sensitivities and calculations that are the hallmark of a robust well design.

StrinGnosis is an immensely powerful and useful tool. Thankfully, its very easy to learn and not too difficult to master!

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Blade Energy Partners is an independent consulting company that focuses on overcoming the challenges of complex projects in the energy industry. Their team of engineers and scientists provide leading-edge expertise to solve subsurface, drilling, completion, production, and materials challenges. Blade Technology uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to securely deliver their Tubular Mechanics and Wellbore Heat Transfer desktop application StrinGnosis™ as SaaS to customers around the world. “Our customers are oil and gas operators with as many as 56,000 employees in secured application environments.
On occasion it would take several months for our application to be fully available for trial and even longer to fully deploy it in their environment. We wanted a way to accelerate our application adoption. We reviewed different solutions, but ultimately decided to move forward with a fully managed application streaming service – AppStream 2.0. AppStream 2.0 lets customers instantly trial our software and deploy a secure SaaS solution to any number of users. Now, any customer in the world can get started with our software in minutes, not months.”

– Pete Lumley, Director, Blade Energy Partners

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*Licenses are also available for purchase as a legacy desktop application. Begin free trial and we will discuss in person.

Tellus OCTG App

Blade Technology Corporation, LLC Tools

Tellus OCTG v2.0 Tellus OCTG v2.0 Apple App Store Tellus OCTG v2.0 Google Play Store

Tellus OCTG is an app to determine the performance properties of oilfield tubulars (OCTG) as specified in the historical API 5C3 standard. It provides:

  • API MIYP (Burst)
  • API Collapse with Tension adjustment
  • Pipe Body Yield Strength (PBYS)

of casing and tubing, and considers effect of temperature on yield strength.
The app includes an inventory of commonly used oilfield pipes, and custom sizes can be defined by the user.


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